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STI-9115: Thermostat Protector Dome Shape

$36.00 $30.60

Note thermostat shown under cover is NOT included.

Thermostat Protector Dome Shape

Once you set your circular-type thermostat and install this super tough cover, there are no more worries about tampering, vandalism or accidental damage. It is molded from clear, thick polycarbonate material and is installed with tamperproof screws for added protection.

As all STI protective covers, the Tamper Stopper Thermostat Cover carries a three year guarantee against breakage in normal use. It is UV-stabilized and slots around the circumference allow air to circulate freely for proper operation of the thermostat. Installation is quick and easy. The cover is shipped complete with tamperproof spanner screws, anchors and a spanner bit. STI also offers Thermostat Protectors for vertical-type thermostats, mini-thermostats and energy sensors.


  • Protects against tampering, vandalism and accidental damage without affecting operation of the thermostat.

  • Molded from clear, thick polycarbonate material.

  • Installed with tamperproof screws as an added protection.

  • Easy and fast installation.

  • Especially useful if the thermostat is located in a public area.

  • Slots around the circumference allow air to flow freely for proper operation of the thermostat.

  • Typical working properties of polycarbonate are -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C).

  • Cover is UV-stabilized.

  • Three year guarantee against breakage of polycarbonate in normal use.

  • One of a complete line of STI shields to protect virtually all thermostats, mini-thermostats and energy sensors available today.