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STI-6720: Break Glass Stopper® - Keys Under Plexiglas®

$39.41 $29.99

Break Glass Stopper® - Keys Under Plexiglas®

This protective Break Glass Stopper allows emergency keys to be readily available in case of emergency, but not too accessible. Keys remain visible on an internal hook while being protected by a pane of Plexiglas. In order for someone to get the keys, they will have to break the "glass." Easy to install, once the cover is mounted on the wall and the cover is secured, the only way to access the inside is by breaking the "glass."


  • Excellent way to protect emergency keys from wrongful use.

  • Keys remain visible as well as available in case of an emergency.

  • Fast and easy installation.

  • Simple, inexpensive plexiglas replacement (Item number SUB 672).

  • Three year guarantee against breakage of the ABS housing within normal use.