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STI-6404: Exit Stopper® for Double Door with Remote Horn

$170.00 $119.00

Exit Stopper® for Double Door with Remote Horn

Highly effective, alarm alerts you to any unauthorized exits/entries through emergency exits with double doors. Serves as an inexpensive security device and helps stop theft as well.

If the protected doors are opened, the electronic Exit Stopper (STI-6404) emits an ear piercing alarm from the main unit and remote horn for 30 seconds, three minutes or continuously (as preset by the user). A key operated override will silence the alarms and allow authorized exits. Another option is annunciator mode, in this mode it announces a doors opening with a set of 10 beeps and then resets. Exit Stopper is fitted with a long life 9-VDC alkaline battery. It is available in red or green for almost any type of door, mounting or installation.


  • Complete with double reed switch assembly that allows the alarm to monitor double doors.

  • Includes an additional horn assembly that can be mounted up to 300 feet from the main unit - wire not included and not electrically supervised.

  • Highly visible "stop sign" design acts as a deterrent.

  • Unit is completely self-contained and easy to install.

  • Sounds a powerful 105 dB warning horn when activated, drawing attention in a hurry (95 dB low volume setting can be selected if desired).

  • Virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing.

  • Virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing.

  • Upon installation, user can select whether to use as an alarm or annunciator.

  • Alarm mode can be set to sound for 30 seconds, 3 minutes or indefinitely (unless disarmed with key supplied or until battery is drained).

  • In annunciation mode, alarm announces door entry/exit with 2 beeps and repeated 5 times.

  • May be programmed for 30-second entry delay or immediate trip.

  • Arming delay allows unit to arm following an authorized exit.

  • May be mounted on top, right, left or next to almost any door.

  • Detects both unauthorized exits and entries.

  • Less expensive than heavy horizontal bar type units.

  • Practical for all emergency doors.

  • Compact design 5 in. (127mm) in diameter and 1.875 in. (48mm) deep.

  • Also available in green housing to comply with newer standards (STI 6404-G).

  • 9-VDC alkaline battery is provided.

  • Recommended operating temperature 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C).

  • Includes one warning label 16200. This label is often placed on the outside of the door protected by Exit Stopper.

  • Should not be exposed to water.

  • Not for outdoor use.

  • Three year guarantee against breakage of polycarbonate in normal use (one year on electro mechanical and electronic components).

  • Housing is molded of super tough polycarbonate and is UV-stabilized.

  • Typical working properties of polycarbonate are -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C).

Note: End user must verify the alarm and battery function every six months and replace battery annually or as required.