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STI-4130: Break Glass Stopper® - Large with Spacer

$86.00 $73.10

Break Glass Stopper® - Large with Spacer

Accepted by fire marshals, this cover is designed for areas where a "break glass" cover is specified, such as unsupervised areas. It consists of a red polycarbonate cover, mounting frame, pane of single-strength clear glass (easily replaced when broken), conduit spacer, glass-breaking bar and anchors for installation.

Local fire marshal approval should be obtained prior to installation.


  • Housing is molded of super tough polycarbonate and is UV-stabilized.

  • Fire alarm remains clearly visible and accessible.

  • Fast and easy installation.

  • Includes conduit spacer for mounting around existing exposed conduit.

  • Simple glass replacement.

  • Accepted by many fire marshals.

  • Three year guarantee on polycarbonate housing against breakage and damage in normal use.

  • Fits virtually all manual pull stations (see Technical Data Sheet for dimensions)

  • Typical working properties of polycarbonate are -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C).

  • Gaskets available to improve weather resistance.